Elevation is a junior marital arts program designed for children aged 3-6 years.
Our classes can help your child learn –

  • Motor control
  • Body awareness
  • Self control
  • Communication
  • Confidence

Classes are designed to be fast paced and engaging for children using the best teaching techniques for them.

Sessions cover much more than just kicking and punching Elevation focus on the fundamental skills needed in all sports such as balancing, coordination and challenging children to find new ways to move. Your child will gain confidence learn to communicate with other children and adults and learn simple meditation techniques to help improve self control.

San Training Centre

Our goal is to improve the lives of children and adults lives though training in fitness and martial arts.

Jayden’s Story.

5 year old Jayden started training at San Training Centre in October last year and has seen some amazing changes over his last 4 months of training with us.

Mother Merinda says she has seen so many improvements with Jayden's gross motor skills, as well as his listening skills, his co-ordination and his confidence.  These changes have been noticed  by Jayden’s Kindergarten teachers, who have also commented on improvements in him over the last few months.

  Merindas favourite things about our club include the amount of patience the instructors have with each and every child  whether there is just Jayden in the class or a full class each child is treated equally and encouraged to focus their energy on the task .   

She has also found the the flexibility of days and times available a big advantage.  San runs classes 6 days per week and our junior program 4 days a week.  If Jayden is feeling tired on his regular class days  he can simply attend a different day.

“No matter what level their skills are they all manage to have a turn and better their skills individually. No two classes are ever the same so the kiddies never have a chance to be bored at all. The children only have to come for one lesson to see the benefits that this class can create for them. Everyone is so friendly and everyone is there for the same reasons with no judgement at all involved. This class has truly worked wonders for Jayden and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending anybody to do the class.” Merinda

Jayden even loves classes so much he has used a recent kindergarten project to tell all his classmates about it!  
The instructors are so supportive of the students. My children have been inspired by the black belts to achieve their very best. My son has also managed to get himself out of a higher risk situation with another child using his new self defence skills.

Rachael M.

My son does Taekwondo at this centre and enjoys the classes a lot. The lesson time choices and cost make me happy too. Definitely recommend others to come and train here also.

Jade N.

The instructor is an inspiration to my children. He is an exceptionally positive person and has motivated them to train and exceed in the art of Taekwondo.

Louise L

Fantastic training, friendly people and affordable classes.

Yvette G.

Last year our 2 boys (aged 7 and 9), started classes. It was the best decision. Cameron's amazing ability and positivity is inspirational. He is a wonderful role model.

Rebecca M

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