Group Fitness at San Training Centre

Located in Beerwah we offer a range of fitness programs and solutions to help everyone from beginners to elite level  athletes.

What makes San unique is our atmosphere. We are not a gym we are a team and all train together,  helping each other to reach goals.  You can be part of a great network of like minded people who will help motivate you and keep you coming back.

Our trainers are experienced and highly qualified  and as a training centre we provide more than just exercises classes. Our group fitness sessions are carefully designed to be able to help you progress towards your goals.

If you have more specific goals we have personal trainers, physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches  who can work individually with you.

San Training Centre

Our goal is to improve the lives of children and adults lives though training in fitness and martial arts.

Our Classes

Blitz Conditioning

Blitz Conditioning is a 45 minute high intensity session designed to help increase functional strength, improve  your general performance and help prevent injuries. Blitz uses both body weigh and traditional strength training and other functional training methods such as sandbags and kettlebells.   It is a great class if your looking to improve your general fitness expect to see changes in your body composition,  increases in your energy, and  live a longer healthier life with less chance of preventable disease or injury. We run Blitz  in convenient early mornings,  mid mornings  and afternoons and have shower and kitchen facilities  and also a kids area.

Cardio Kickboxing

Our cardio Kickboxing is the best way to burn calories. It will also increase your cardio and anaerobic fitness faster than any other training method available and its great for dealing with stress!


Yoga has many benefits for practitioners. It will help you to improve flexibility, balance and movement better than any other classes. Yoga is also a great for of meditation and may help calm your mind and reduce stress. We offer a mixed style of yoga which is suitable for all levels and offer a free one week trial for all new members.
Cameron is an awesome personal trainer. Very knowledgeable and helpful! I felt extremely comfortable with him - he's helped me lose 9.2 kg in 12 weeks. Thanks again Cameron!

Lauren F.

Fantastic training, friendly people and affordable classes.

Yvette G.

The minute you step inside you're welcomed by all. The instructors are friendly and helpful. The entire experience has a warm family feel to it and you'll leave feeling accomplished

Liam R.

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