Did You Know Martial Arts Classes Help With Bullies? 

The school-age years are essential for your child to develop their identity and self-confidence. But unfortunately, most kids will experience bullies who can be cruel and relentless, potentially leading to long-term issues.

Current anti-bullying policies have questionable effectiveness, and many incidents are still reported. However, several scientific studies have shown one intervention reduces bullying: martial arts classes.  

How Our Classes Help:

Many people think that martial arts are all about learning how to fight and therefore could make things worse. However, our classes don't focus on violence; instead, they teach children how to control their emotions and respond appropriately when they feel threatened.

Bullies tend to be cowards that target individuals who do not seem confident or strong enough to defend themselves. So when children feel secure and strong in themselves, it becomes much more challenging for bullies to take advantage of them.

By helping children gain the confidence to stand up for themselves and act responsibly when faced with aggressive behaviour, we provide victims of bullying with tools to deal with the bullies and prevent further incidents.

The instructors are so supportive of the students. My children have been inspired by the black belts to achieve their very best. My son has also managed to get himself out of a higher risk situation with another child using his new self defence skills.

Rachael M.

The Science: 

There have been numerous studies that show the benefits of Martial arts in bully prevention.  One of the most recent ones was done in 2019 by Macquarie University.

They conducted a randomized controlled trial with 238 students and found the students who participated in 10 weeks of martial arts training were more confident, resilient and less likely to be bullied.  In the same ten weeks, the control group's confidence declined. 

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