Martial Arts For Adults

(Ages 15+)


Our Adult program teaches traditional taekwondo we are affiliated with the world taekwondo federation and our instructions frequently travel to Korea to train and keep up with the latest changes.  Classes include -

  • Taekwondo specific warm up

  • Practice of basic strikes and kicks

  • Poomsae the traditional forms of Taekwondo

  • Hoshinsul  the art self defence, practical solutions to common situations.

  •  Kyorugi which is full contact sparring using the modern taekwondo rules.

Benefits of training in taekwondo for adults go far beyond simply self defence. Taekwondo is great for improving health and fitness. It is also great for stress realise and for making new connection outside of work. We offer a free one week trial for all new students,  sessions run 5 days per week.

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​San is a welcoming club that caters for all levels of fitness and technique. San also accommodates students of all ages. The instructors are knowledgeable and always find time to provide valuable feedback that assist in reaching individual goals.

Kerri R.

​Awesome instructors, awesome people - if you haven't gone to one of their training sessions, I strongly recommend it!

Drew S.

​It is such a welcoming environment. I hadn't trained in 7 years but am so glad I came to the San training centre. Cameron, Kasia, and the team make every training session enjoyable and make you want to keep going back.

Jenniffer M.

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